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Castleton Information

Information Regarding Castleton



Losehill Hall, Castleton


When :

17th - 19th April 2018

8.50am (17th April) - 3.30pm (19th April)


What will my child need?


2.Change of underwear

3.Warm change of clothes

4.Waterproof coat

5.Suitable shoes (trainers, wellingtons)



8.Packed lunch

9.Small amount of sweets/chocolate

10.Spending money in purse/wallet (maximum £5) – This is the child’s responsibility

11.Inhalers if needed (vital)

12.SUN CREAM! (maybe!) or hat and scarf!


What will my child do?

•Introduction to the topic of Invaders and Settlers based on the Romans

•All activities based around this theme

•Children will be split into three groups and rotate around activities

•Activities will promote a range of active, problem solving, play, social and role playing skills

•Includes a short hike on day 1 to Treak Hill Cavern (under 1 mile) and a cavern tour

•Children will not be forced to do activities


Activities include:

•Archaeological dig


•Roman Battle

•Roman Seige Engine building

•3 rock walks

•Trek cliff cavern

•Team challenges


•Film night

•Egg Rocket Challenge


Where will my child sleep?

•Most bedrooms fitted with bunk beds

•Duvets, pillows and bed linen will be provided

•Children must bring own bath towel

•Boys and girls on separate corridors

•Children will be put into groups and then allocated bedrooms

•Will not be in same rooms as any children from other schools


What will my child eat?

•Children will need a packed lunch for the first day

•Day 1 evening meal provided

•Day 2 breakfast provided

•Day 2 packed lunch provided

•Day 2 evening meal provided

•Day 3 breakfast provided

•Day 3 lunch provided

•All food is prepared on-site and cooked to order.

•Special dietary requirements taken into consideration (please let us know asap)


Polite Request

We recommend that children do not bring anything that they would not want to get dirty, broken or lost. Therefore, items such as mobile phones, watches, jewellery MUST be left at home. We cannot take responsibility for damage to or the loss of any personal property.

No make-up.