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Who lives in my house?

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Who lives in my house will enable children to explore their families and who is important to them as well as discover how houses are made. Opportunities to visit our new F1 build will enable children to look at how houses and buildings are made and look at the different types of materials that make up a safe and solid structure. Outdoor Role Play will be a construction site as we build and make Goldilocks a home of her own, build houses for the Three Little Pigs and build a wall for Humpty Dumpty. Exploring the traditional tale The Three Little Pigs will enable us to look at what are suitable materials for a home.


Our learning challenges for the topic are listed below

LC1 – Who lives in my house and what are they called?

LC2 – What is special about my family?

LC3 – What is my house made of?

LC4 – What is my house address?

LC5 – What can I see out of my window?

LC6 – Who visits my house?

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