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Please find below our home learning menu for the topic of Ancient Greece or you can download it by clicking the link below.


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Spring Term Home Learning Menu

Why is Doncaster such a cool place to live?


The following list of home learning activities for all of the Spring Term. This home learning menu is going to be used until the Easter Holidays.


EnglishWrite an information text on what mining was like in the Doncaster region. You may want to use the following headings: What is mining? Where were the mines? What happened to the mines?


English Write a diary entry of a miner on their last day in the pit. What were you feeling? What were you thinking?


English Interview someone you know about mining. Can you write up the interview using correct punctuation?


Geography Research and describe different foods that can be found in South America. Explain how these are different to UK foods.


ScienceGo out into the garden or your local park. How many different animals can you find? Explain why all of these animals can survive in the garden/park.


Art Research a famous artist from South Yorkshire. Why are they famous? Can you find examples of their work? Describe some. You could research David Hockney, Terry Chip


R.E/SMSCExplain what items or objects are important to you. Can you explain why they are important? Why could my object be different?


Computing Create a persuasive powerpoint about what mining brought to South Yorkshire.


 History – Explain how the closure of mines affected the people of the UK


Maths Ask members of your family what food they prefer. Create a bar chart to show the results. Explain which food is the most and least favourite.


Maths  See image below 

Maths Write 5 facts about the following shapes.








Picture 1