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We a home learning menu for this half term that you can download or view below.

If you have any questions about anything, just come in and see us.

Home Learning Menu – SPRING TERM


What objects can you find in your house that are 3D shapes?

Investigate – The heavier the object, the quicker it will sink.

Challenge – If you add two odd numbers together, the answer will always be even. Do you agree? Show your reasoning with at least 7 examples.



Write a fact file about the Titanic.

Plan a party for the First Class passengers on-board the ship.

Write a message in a bottle to send for help! 



Compare an arctic habitat to the rainforest.



Research a famous passenger who was on-board the Titanic. 



Design your own version of the Titanic ship, making sure that this one doesn’t sink.


6.Design and Technology

Using “junk” can you create a model version of the Titanic ship.



Keep a food diary, logging everything you eat over a week. Do you have a balanced diet?



Can you describe your “special place”? Why is it special to you?



An algorithm is a set of instructions.  Can you write a set of instructions for how to evacuate onto a lifeboat when on the Titanic?