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We a home learning menu for this half term that you can download or view below.

If you have any questions about anything, just come in and see us.

What would Dora the Explorer find exciting about our town?

Home Learning Menu  


Each week you need to choose one of the following activities for your home learning.  You must write the task at the top pf the new double page and then do the work underneath.  
Maths –  

1. Create a poster to help you learn your 2, 5 or 10 times tables.

2. Design a new building for our community using as many 2D shapes as you can.   

 3. Write a diary entry as Dora the Explorer describing a visit to one of Doncaster’s attractions.  You could choose;  - Frenchgate - Yorkshire Wildlife Park  - Keepmoat Stadium  

4. Write a poem with the title “Friendship”.   
Geography -  

5. Draw a map for Bentley High Street, showing all the human and physical features you can find.

 6. Write 3 questions you would want to ask Dora the Explorer about her travels around the world.  
History -  

7. Interview a parent or grandparent about what Bentley used to be like in the past.  

8. Find out about a famous person from Doncaster (Louis Tomlinson, Jeremy Clarkson…)  
Art -  
9. Design a postcard for Doncaster that Dora could send back to her family in Spain.  

10. Sketch a famous landmark from anywhere in the UK.  
Design and Technology -  11. Design a 3D family shield to represent your family as a community.  

12. Make a model of your house.  
Science –

 13. Make a list of all the different habitats you know.  How many different animals can you think of that lives in each habitat?

14. Do a survey of the bugs you can find in your garden.   
RE –  
15. What signs and symbols can you find? What do they mean?  
Computing –  

16. Can you research and create a PowerPoint presentation about a famous explorer?