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You can have a look at the home learning menu for Year 5 below, or download it by clicking below.


  1. Draw a meerkat
  2. Make a sign for the South Pole
  3. Design a hat for a meerkat to wear in the South Pole
  4. Draw an animal that lives in the South Pole
  5. Build a home for a meerkat or animal from Africa or the South Pole



  1. Write a postcard from your holiday
  2. Label a picture of a meerkat
  3. Write a caption for a photograph from your holiday
  4. Make a list of items you would take to the South Pole or on holiday
  5. Write a story about an animal (where is it from?)



  1. Draw a structure out of different shapes.  Label the shapes.
  2. Draw a scarf for a meerkat include triangles
  3. Draw more than ten meerkats and number them
  4. Make different +1 and -1 problems (you can use meerkats)



  1. Make a fact sheet about meerkats
  2. Show how different the weather is in the South Pole and Africa
  3. Draw a picture to show the different seasons
  4. Label a photograph of yourself – think about where your senses are



  1. Research Robert Falcon Scott
  2. Label a map of the UK – England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
  3. Find out where meerkats live
  4. Draw the flags of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
  5. Write a letter to Santa, include a list of what you would like for Christmas
  6. Design a Christmas card (Whole school competition)