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Want to know what Year 1's home learning menu looks like? Lost your menu? Don't worry, download it here, or find it below.

  1. Interview a parent or grandparent to find out about the toys that they played with when they were little.
  2. Draw a picture of an old toy and explain how it worked.
  3. Find out about Paddington Bear teddies. Where were they originally made and what did they look like?
  4. Explore your toys- what materials have they been made from? Draw the toys and write the material underneath.
  5. Find objects from around your home that are made from metal and draw them.
  6. Choose different materials from your home and test to see if they float or sink.
  7. Draw a poster to show some manmade features in Bentley. Don’t forget our school!
  8. Research a famous landmark from another country. Draw and label it.
  9.    Find out the name of the seven continents and five oceans.
  10. Make a model of a toy. You could use playdough, Lego, cardboard boxes…
  11.    Use pictures from a toy catalogue to make a collage.
  12. Invent and make a new board game for your family and friends to play.
  13. Draw a picture of your favourite toy and write a description of it.
  14. Draw a picture or photograph your favourite toy then label it.
  15. Find a short poem and learn it. Could you perform it for your class?
  16. Write some instructions about how to play a game.
  17. Make your own 2 times table sums using pictures of toys?
  18. Draw 20 teddy bears and write the words for numbers 0-20 on their jumpers.
  19. How many dominoes can you draw that add up to 20? E.g.   15+5=20
  20. Learn your 5 times tables by drawing around your hands.



Each week you need to choose one activity. Please write the task at the top of a new page and do your work underneath. Also remember to read at least 3 times a week and complete your reading challenges.