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You can have a look at the home learning menu for Year 5 below, or download it by clicking below.

Anglo Saxons 

Home Learning

Summer 1 and 2

Each week, children have to complete one home learning challenge. They can choose whichever one they want to do! These can be done independently or together, with a parent or guardian.


Write a diary entry in the view point of a child in the Anglo Saxon times. Tell us what you do through the day and how you feel about it all. Try to use as many adverbials and conjunctions as you can.


Write a newspaper recount about when the Anglos, Saxons and Jukes travelled over to England.

What happened when they came?

How did England feel about it?


Create a presentation about some research you have done on the Anglo Saxon time.


Write a play script about Saxons travelling over on the wooden ship, leaving their home time.


Create an Anglo Saxon Information text (leaflet) with the sub-headings: homes, food, clothing, jobs.




Find as many materials in your kitchen which are soluble. Create a table measuring the time it takes for the material to dissolve. Create a graph from your findings.


Find as many materials/mixtures in your house which can go through a reversible change. List them and explain how they are reversible.




Can you create a boat which has the same exact area and perimeter? You may need to borrow some squared paper to design it.




Create a collage showing the journey across the seas for the Saxons. Use as many things you can find in your house.


Draw a portrait of a soldier in the Saxons times.


Create an Anglo Saxon long boat model.


Research Anglo Saxon runes and write a secret message using these.


Create a model of an Anglo Saxon shield.



Draw the map of England back in Anglo Saxon times, showing all the different counties.


Research and explain why the Anglo Saxons wanted to come over to Britain? What made them make the journey and live here permanently?