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You can have a look at the home learning menu for Year 4 below, or download it by clicking below.

Year 4 Autumn term home learning

Each week you will be required to choose a different activity to complete for your home learning. Make sure it is completed to the best of your ability and don’t forget about your presentation!

English – Write a diary entry as an Ancient Egyptian. What did you do? What did you see?

English – Write a story set in Ancient Egypt. Who are the characters? What happens? Can you include any of your writing targets?

Maths – if you wrote these numbers from smallest to largest, which number would come fourth? Explain how you ordered them.

                 5331       1335   1533   5313   5133   3513   3531

History – Create a timeline of the Egyptian Civilisation showing the main events. Can you work out how long it was between each event?

History – Research and write about the daily life of an Egyptian – is it better than yours? Explain why.

Art – Design your own Egyptian God. What are they wearing? What special powers do they have?

Art – Sketch the ancient Egyptian sphinx

DT – Using any materials you like (pencils, paint, material etc) create your own Egyptian Pyramid.

DT – Make an ancient Egyptian piece of clothing. Can you write a set on instructions on how you did this?

Geography – Make a list of the human and physical features of Egypt. How are they different to England?

Science – Create a poster on how sound travels. What blocks sound from travelling? What makes sound become fainter?

Science – Draw a simple electrical circuit (scientifically). Can you label the different components?

RE/Computing - Create a power point about the religions that people believed in Ancient Egyptian times.

Computing – Write a debate about online internet safety. You could type this up on a word document or power pint if you want!

French – Learn how to say numbers 1-10 in French. Can you write some simple maths sums using these numbers but in French?

French/Geography – Use a map to locate France on a map. Where is it on a map of Europe? Can you find it on a map of the world?

Music – 4O – research a famous Ukulele player

          4K – research a famous Samba artist

Weekly things to remember!

Reading at least 3 times a week at home – make sure it is recorded in your planner!

Practice your spellings – they will be tested every 2 weeks

Practice the times table of the week – they will also be tested every 2 weeks.

Reading challenge weekly!

Please come and speak to a member of the year 4 team if you are unsure of any activity or have any questions.