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Children will be learning, in depth, about the Amazon rainforest. We will look, briefly, at different environments and why they are different, thinking about where they are placed in the world. We will then study the northern and southern hemisphere, along with looking at the equator and what the climates will be like around this area.

In art, we will be looking at the work of Henri Rousseau. We will research his work and how he made it look so child-like. We will then use the techniques for collaging, to copy one of his pieces: ‘The Tiger.’

During Science, we will be looking at reproduction in animals and plants and thinking about how this works and what it means. We will create our own life cycles for different animals, and will look in depth at the parts of a flower and their uses in the life cycle of flowering plants.

In music, we will be linking our work to Brazil and the rainforest. We will think about the sounds and rhythms we hear in the Brazil carnival and will try and re-create these in our own percussion pieces.

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