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Monsters and magic!

This term we will be reading books all to do with monsters or magic! 

The books we will reading are: 



by Polly Dunbar 

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The three Billy Goats Gruff

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There's no dragon in this story

by Lou Carter 

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We will be:

  • talking about new words we haven't heard before
  • discussing the characters, setting and plot
  • retelling the stories focusing on three key parts
  • explaining what we like about the story


In Maths we will be measuring objects and ordering them by height, length and weight.  

We'll be using vocabulary like: taller, shorter, longer, heavier, lighter 

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We will also be finding out why is it important to eat healthy and exercise and how this helps our bodies.

            See the source image              We'll be experimenting with mixing colours to see which colours we can create,

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