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All about us and others

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The books we will be learning from are: 

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We will be comparing England to Kenya. 

We will be finding out what is the same and what is different between the two countries. We will focus on animals, food and places. 

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We will learn about different ways of transport and jobs linked to transport. 


We will be:

  • talking about new words we haven't heard before
  • discussing the characters, setting and plot
  • retelling the stories focusing on three key parts
  • explaining what we like about the story

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In maths we are focusing on numbers to 20 - counting reliably forwards and backwards and finding one more or less then any number to 20. 

We will be solving additions and subtraction problems using objects to help us. 

Also we will begin to learn about halving and doubling. 




We will also be finding out why is it important to eat healthy and exercise and how this helps our bodies.

            See the source image              We'll be expressing our feelings through dance, songs or art work. 

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