In art, we explore a range of media, investigate key artists and build on our skills. We start off by investigating and analysing an example of what we are going to create, we practise the skills and media we will need and then we create our final, polished piece. All the way through the unit, we help each other get better with peer assessment and feedback. 

Year Group Autumn Spring Summer

Weaving the River Don

Media: textiles

Creating vehicles with simple shapes

Media: printing

Artist study: Kandinsky

Media: paint


African masks

Media: clay

Artist Study: Seurat

Media: paint

Fire scenes

Media: pastels


Cave paintings

Media: paint/charcoal

Artist Study: Ernst

Media: frottage (rubbing)

Creating Egyptian self portraits 

Media: Paint


Roman mosaics

Media: collage

Artist study: the Italian


(Da Vinci, Michelangelo,

Raphael, Donatello

Media: paint

Greek clay pots

Media: clay



Media: pastels

Artist study: Joan Sisay

Media: paint

The Bayeux Tapestry

Media: textiles


Tudor Roses

Media: clay

Artist Study: Josef Nassy 

Media: charcoal

Viking portraits

Media: pencil/paint

The artists we cover

Year One - Wassily Kandinsky

Year 2 - Georges Seurat

Year Three - Max Ernst

Year Four - The Italian Masters

Year Five - Juan Sisay

Year Six - Josef Nassy

Important Documents - Theme Days and Events

Skills Mapping Art
Art Subject on a Page 21-22
Skills and Vocabulary Progression

For further information regarding our Art and Design curriculum, please contact our Art lead Miss Rhodes.