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Autumn 1

Reconnecting families and skills for learning. 


The texts we will be sharing this half term are;


The texts we will be using to support us in maths are:

We will be:

  • Learning to count and say numerals to 5 through songs and rhymes
  • Beginning to recognise our daily routines
  • Sorting and grouping our toys and equipment      
  • Creating our own simple structures
  • Playing memory games

Physical Development/ Mark Making

We will be: 

  • Exploring making marks using sensory play eg sand, paste and paint
  • Becoming confident using different media to make marks eg wax crayons, chalk, pens


For ideas on how to support your child at home, please visit our parent guide page.

Expressive arts and designs

We'll be looking at what happens when we use objects to print. We will explore and experiment how using different body parts and natural items leaves marks when combined with other media. As part of a whole school art project, we will create a piece of art work inspired by the book 'Here we are' in the style of Kandinsky. 

People and communities 

This half-term we will be exploring what 'harvest' means to us and our community. There will be lots of opportunities for us to experiment with harvest related items and we can't wait for you to see our virtual harvest festival. We are working hard to learn our harvest songs and experimenting with lots of different instruments. 


The World

As we return to No.1, we are seeing lots of changes happening around us. To help us understand these changes, we will be building routines and exploring the seasonal changes as we move from summer to autumn. Understanding these changes will help us recognise how our world has changed, moving from our home environment into our No.1 environment. We will be using the text 'Owl Babies' to help us recognise key events at this time of year, such as bonfire night and we'll investigate the natural world and can't wait to share all that we discover! 



  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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