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Autumn 2

Seasons and Celebrations


The texts we will be sharing this half term are:

Bonfire Night




The texts we will be using to support us in maths are:

We will be:

  • Learning the language of size
  • Recognising and recalling our daily routine
  • enjoying filling and emptying containers
  • Playing memory games in a small group
  • Beginning to sort objects by category
  • Beginning to use number names in play

Physical Development/ Mark Making

We will be:

  • Becoming confident in using thumb and fingers to pick up objects 
  • Exploring making different strokes using whole hand grasp
  • Beginning to recognise that their movements can create marks e.g. circles, lines


For ideas on how to support your child at home, visit our parent guide page or speak to a member of staff. 

Expressive Arts and Designs/People and Communities

We will be looking at what happens when we we combine different medias. We will explore what happens when we use our whole body to make movements leaving marks. We will also explore what happens when we use our body to move to music. To celebrate different festivals we will be experimenting with creating texture using a range of media. We will begin to learn how to use our imagination to recreate familiar songs and stories. 


The World

We will be exposing our senses to a range of seasonal activities, such as craft and food. Through the use of our small world environment will be developing our understanding of the world, for example day and night. We will also be recognising different festivals and celebrations through role play opportunities. Whilst using our outdoor environment we will continue to recognise seasonal changes. 




  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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