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Our School Rules

The school aims to:

•           Provide a consistent approach to behaviour management

•           Define what we consider to be unacceptable behaviour, including bullying

•           Outline how pupils are expected to behave

•           Summarise the roles and responsibilities of different people in the school community with regards to behaviour management

•           Outline our system of rewards and sanctions

Covid- amendments

Schools and teachers have an important role to play in helping children both prepare and recover from a public health emergency. Commitment to keeping the health and safety of school is important and an essential part of our input is supporting children and their families.

This pupil code of conduct will accompany the behaviour policy that exists for Bentley High Street Primary School. It has been temporarily revised to take into consideration expectations on all pupils to keep each other safe and reduce the spread of transmission.

The school cannot guarantee that school adults will not touch children. If there is a medical or safety emergency then children may need to be touched to ensure their safety or the safety of others, but this should be a last resort.



In and out of school you should always act with kindness and try to uphold our school values:

  • We focus on learning
  • We care for others
  • We always show respect
  • We enjoy teamwork
  • We are inclusive
  • We enjoy school life
  • We trust all members of our school community
  • We show bravery in everything we do


What will happen if you break a rule in the classroom?

Please remember that these are guidelines only and that teachers may choose to deal with situations differently so that they can personalise steps to the needs of you and the class. If you show improved behaviour a teacher may remove faces from against your name.


Step 1:    You will be given a verbal reminder- this means that the adult will remind you of the rules.


Step 2:    You will be given a verbal warning- this means that the adult will write your name somewhere visible.


Step 3:    You will be given support- this means that an adult will help you to focus. You may be asked to move or to sit near an adult.


Step 4:     You will be given 2 more chances- if you continue to break the class rules, ticks will be placed against your name on a board


Step 5: You will be given time out- When you have received 2 ticks, an adult will asks you to have time out. You may have to go and speak to another member of staff and your parents may be told about the incident. You may have to spend your break or dinner time completing the work that you have missed or another appropriate sanction will be put in place.

Rewards’ currently available


At Bentley High Street we believe in celebrating excellent learning as well as achievement.  We have developed our own learning monsters bespoke to our children.  The class teacher will choose a child from every class on a weekly basis who fits the descriptions of our monsters.  A certificate is given to the child at our Monday morning assembly. 


Children who have been awarded certificates in school for other areas will be presented with their certificates All children have a chance to share their own successes from activities outside of school at this assembly.


Attendance is also rewarded and discussed every week.  The classes in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place are announced and if a class has achieved 100% attendance during the week, each child from that class will receive a prize. Children who have 100% attendance will also be able to wear their own T’shirt to school on a Friday


The school adopts a bronze, silver, gold and platinum whole school reward system. Pupils who complete a card will be given a prize from the Headteacher and will be entered in to a termly raffle.


Head teachers awards are given for outstanding achievement in any area of school life. Pupils get this award from the school office and a postcard sent to parents.


End of Term


At the end of every term an assembly is held to celebrate all achievements throughout school and children have a chance to share their own successes from outside of school also.


Awards will be given for attendance and parents of children who have achieved 100% will be invited.


  • 98% attendance – Bronze Award
  • 99% attendance – Silver Award
  • 100% attendance – Gold Award


Children may also receive:

Learner of the term

Freddie the Friendship Frog

Reader of the Term


End of Academic Year


At the end of every academic year all Year 6 children are rewarded with their own achievement assembly and parents of all children are invited to attend.


There is also an end of year achievement assembly held celebrating the full year.  Parents of children who have achieved 100% attendance are invited to attend to join in the celebrations.  Lots of certificates and prizes are given during this assembly.



  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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