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In response to our changing society and the impact of the Internet, Government has now decided to introduce statutory Relationship Education to Primary Schools, these lessons are not new and have been delivered in Primary Schools since the last guidance in 2000, however some of the content has now been updated to keep children safer.


School is here to help; we are engaging the support of the specialist organisation BigTalk Education, whose expertise was sought by MPs on the Women and Equalities Committee in 2016. They work with 3-18 year olds and have been involved in delivering age appropriate education of this type for over 20 years, they also deliver training to professionals, Parents and Carers.


Below is the programme that will be delivered to the Children by BigTalk, it reflects the Oftsted and SEF recommendations.


Age 3 (Nursery)  A fun learning environment where the children are taught the differences between boys and girls, naming body parts, correct scientific words, what areas of the body are private, good touches and bad touches.


Age 4 - 8 (Reception, School Years 1-3) Re-enforces and checks what was covered in Nursery. Using specially designed child friendly resources at the end of this sessions they will be able to identify happy situations and those which may be risky (e.g. other children or adults taking improper photographs of them, inappropriate touches, exposure touches, exposure to unsuitable media etc.) plus who they can talk to if they are worried.


Age 8 and 9 (School Year 4) We cover different kinds of families (same sex parents, foster families etc) the emotional and physical changes of growing up, similarities and differences between boys and girls including transgender, coping with different emotions, looking after our bodies as they change and the onset of periods (puberty) How babies are made from ovums and sperm, then develop in the womb (reproduction). How to be safe and healthy linking back to and building on identifiable risks, we also strengthen the awareness of "our body is our own" and personal safety especially online grooming etc.