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COVID-catch up funding

Catch-up plan

School name:

 Bentley High Street Primary School

Academic year:


Total number of pupils on roll:

413 pupils in years reception through to Year 6

Total catch-up budget:



Main priorities for allocated funding- to support SIP

Whole School

  • Accurate baseline for targeted interventions using diagnostics
  • Whole school focus on speech and language and the development of oracy
  • Enhancing the quality of teaching and learning both remotely and in school using Rosenshine principles and EEF TA deployment guidance
  • Enrichment for the curriculum with a focus on PE to support engagement
  • Purchasing

Targeted support

  • RWI one to one interventions
  • Speech and language interventions across EYFS/KS1- Welcomm and Nelli
  • EAL speech and language intervention-KS2
  • Focused pastoral support to support re-integration and trauma.
  • School engagement initiatives to support behavior and attendance
  • Catch up to achieve age related expectations focus on Year 6
  • Key stage 2 accelerated reader.

Wider support

  • Families have access to electronic platforms and understand how they are used
  • Purchasing of technology to support remote-learning
  • Development of robust home learning plans


  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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