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Curriculum Drivers

Bentley High Street Primary school ensures that it follows the National Curriculum.

Our curriculum provision has been developed with clear aims to:

· Provide a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of all pupils.

· Enable all pupils to achieve their full educational potential.

· Children must be able to make progress in their learning

· Promote good behaviour and safety

· Develop children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development



In order to achieve these aims our school has developed key themes to drive our curriculum. We believe that these themes meet the needs of our pupils. Drivers should relate to:

· The needs of our children

· The needs of our community

· The values of our school

· The location of our school


Our school curriculum drivers are embedded into every topic. When planning, all teachers must ensure that they make provisions to plan for our key drivers so that these themes are developed coherently through the school.


Please click the link below to download a copy of the Curriculum Drivers information leaflet.

A varied curriculum