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Design and Technology

At Bentley High Street Primary School, it is our intention to deliver a DT curriculum that builds on children’s previous learning, providing them with the tools to design, make and evaluate their own products effectively.

We expect all our pupils to gain the skills to:

  • be creative and ambitious in their designs, using research of how technology has helped shape the world.
  • solve real problems collaboratively, developing oracy through discussion of ideas.
  • practice practical skills that equip our children for their future, in particular our passion that every child, every year, takes part in food technology, including hygiene
  • learn about materials and their properties, processes and tools needed
  • through the use of the TASC wheel, children will learn from experiences and develop a self-confidence through evaluation and reflection
  • apply knowledge from other subjects, including discussing the effective of products on our environment, as well as cost effectiveness of products
  • make a finished product to be proud of!
For further information regarding our Design and Technology curriculum, please contact our DT lead Miss Waterhouse. 


  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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