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At Bentley High Street School, we believe that all children within our school should be taught computing from which it is used to support learning across the curriculum. Whilst studies have looked at the benefits of having access to a computer and/or access to the Internet at home it is important to keep your child safe.


To keep your child safe, the following tips should be considered:

  • Setting security settings within Internet Explorer or other browsers
  • Locate the computer in a family area where possible
  • Consider the use of mobiles phones, games consoles and other devices with access to the internet
  • Regularly check the Internet sites your child has visited by looking in the history and favourites.


Your child should also be advised to:

  • Tell you about the websites they are using
  • Only use child friendly search engines
  • Only email people they know
  • Never give out personal information
  • Never arrange to meet people they have met on the Internet without talking to an adult first
  • Only use a webcam with people they know
  • Tell you immediately if they see anything they are unhappy with


Reassure that you want to keep your child safe rather than taking Internet access away from them.


A guide to E- Safety can be found below alongside the E – Safety Policy. There are also some resources and question prompts to share with your children to encourage healthy discussions on their online behaviour. 

Top tips for staying safe online

Join the children of Bentley High Street sharing their top tips for online safety on Safer Internet Day 2021.

Online safety is taught throughout our Computing and Jigsaw curriculum, as mapped out below, as well as through termly assemblies focused on this theme and through theme days in school - such as Safer Internet Day.


  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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