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Home Learning

Home Learning

You can have a look at the first tasks linked to our SMSC Deep Dive, 'All About Ourselves' for Year 5 below, or download it by clicking below.

Home Learning


Task 1

Draw a self-reflection of yourself and compare this with a photograph of when you were a baby. Write a summary on how you have changed over the years.


Task 2

Draw what you think you will look like in the future. It could be ten years from now, it could be fifty! Will you have changed a lot or do you think you will look the same? Write a summary on what qualities you think you’ll keep (such as bravery or kindness) and how you will use these in the future as an adult. 


Task 3

Imagine you have been promoted to the President of the World! Wow! Thinking about how unique you are, what rules would you put in place to help make the world a better place? Be as creative as possible!



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