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You can have a look at the home learning menu for Year 5 below, or download it by clicking below.

Home Learning

Autumn 1

Each week, we would like children to complete a home learning challenge. They can choose whichever one they wish and these can be done independently or with a parent or guardian.

1. Find out facts about the space missions, such as:

  • What was the first creature sent into space?
  • Who was the first astronaut?
  • Who was the first man on the moon?


2.Bake something space themed and write a recipe.

  • Then, think about the measurements. Can you convert the grams and kilograms to ounces and pounds?


3. Keep a sky-at-night journal for a whole week. Write about everything you can see in the sky. You could draw a picture of the moon every night. Does it change over the course of the week?


4. Prepare a presentation to teach the class about an aspect of space you enjoy.


5. Write a newspaper report about the first moon landing.


6. Use scrap paper, foil, sweet wrappers and other litter around the house to create your own space collage.


7.Create your own space themed Top Trumps cards. 


8. You are packing for a two-year mission to Mars. You only have a 25cm by 25cm suitcase. Can you draw how much you will be able to fit in in the suitcase?


9.Can you sketch what an astronaut may see when looking through the window of a space station?


10. Write a film review of your favourite science-fiction film or one you have seen recently.