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Home Learning

Home Learning

You can have a look at the next set of tasks linked to our learning on the rainforests below or use the link. As part of our exploration into rainforests, we will be looking closely at their past and civilisations that used to live amongst them and those that still do.

Home Learning 


Task 1

Imagine you are Sir David Attenborough exploring a rainforest. Can you write a short passage on what you can see, remembering his passion for wildlife? You may wish to use organisational devices such as heading and subheadings when presenting your writing.


Task 2

Are you for or against deforestation? Which side of the argument do you agree with? Write a persuasive piece convincing your teacher on why we should agree with your opinion.


Task 3

Step into the skin of an ancient Mayan civilian. Write a diary entry about your typical day remembering where and how they lived, what they ate and which Gods they prayed to.


We have also included a link to view some child-friendly videos based on the Mayans for you to explore! 

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