Learning Environment


At Bentley High Street Primary School, we intend to provide a safe and stimulating learning environment for all learners that promotes challenge and equal opportunities within a positive and organised environment. Each classroom environment should reflect, support and challenge current learning and empower all children to be active learners with a sense of responsibility, ownership and independence. High expectations should be conveyed throughout.


Teachers are trained within the learning environment policy and it is included in new staff induction program. 

Teacher’s follow guidance and plan learning walls for English, Maths and Curriculum topics. These promote the learning journey and not just the end product. This includes a clear title and a clear sequence of current learning that children can refer back to and key words linked to learning are discussed and displayed on learning walls for children to use. 

Where learning walls are not used, teachers again follow guidance to create stimulating displays that shows a variety of children’s work from across the curriculum. This includes pupil voice, pictures, learning from more than one subject, questions and appropriate texts. Half termly learning walks take place with formal feedback given to all teachers. Pictures are shared as ‘wow’ examples for others to see and use. Continuous feedback is given is areas of the environment are slipping with a deadline to make changes necessary. 


Shout out moments to classes/year groups are promoted from any member of staff to acknowledge the conscious efforts that have been put into creating eye-catching displays. Children are encouraged and praised when using learning walls to help support their learning. This runs alongside staff praise when children can confidently talk about the use of learning walls in their classroom.