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Topsy and Tim go to Hosptial Week 2:


Monday – Use the worksheet below to read the simple caption and match it to the correct picture. Model sounding out sounds in words and blending them together. Draw lines to the matching picture from the text. 


Challenge: Children to match the pictures from the story to simple captions.

Tuesday –  Retell the story creating a story map from the story with pictures already taken from the text. Create actions for the story and focus on the key language from this part of the story.

Draw story map encouraging the children retell the story and to use full sentences. What happened next?


Use the story map to create actions and sounds from the story and retell the story together. 


Challenge: Children to create a story map for the story drawing pictures and using language from the story to retell.


Wednesday – Using the story map from yesterday – explain to the children that we are going to innovate the story and change one aspect.

Why else do people go to hospital? Discuss in learning circles recapping own experiences and listening to the ideas of others. Scribe children’s ideas.


Tell the children that we are going to change part of the story so that Tim goes to hospital for another reason. Make a spider diagram of the children’s ideas.


Challenge: Children to choose their favourite one and draw a picture labelling the body part Tim hurt.


ThursdayExplain to the children they are going to make their own big book of the new version of Topsy and Tim go to hospital


Model writing a caption for the start of the story:  Tim went to hospital. Tim _____


Challenge: Children to write a simple caption for the new part of their story and draw a picture for this new part.


Friday – Children to share and celebrate their work with the class. Share their new version of the story with others and praise writing. Use success criteria and discuss what they did well and even better if…


Extra Learning

  • Use the doctors kit resources - match the medical resource with its pocket. What is the initial sound? Which piece of medical equipment starts with that sound?
  • Read simple captions about job roles and match to the correct job title. You can also use the internet and books to find out more information about job roles of interest. 
  • Order the words from the story to make the caption make sense. Can you find a picture to match your caption from the story?
  • Pick a card or roll the dice and read the instruction on it. Can you follow the instruction?


  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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