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The Great Race

Learning Intention:

To write a list

Key words:

List, bullet points, dog, pig, ox, rat



Have some of the characters from the story in a bag. Take them out one at a time encouraging the children to name the animals. (pig, monkey, rabbit, horse, ox, snake, goat, rooster, dragon, tiger, rat, dog).

Explain to children that we are going to be reading a story with all of these animals in it. We are going to make a list of some of the animals from the story:


Write some of the animals from the story modelling the concepts of writing a list. Model using bullet points in a list. Emphasise going underneath to write the next word. Focus on the main 4 that children can Fred talk – rat, ox, dog, pig


Challenge: Children to complete Monday’s worksheet writing a list of the animals in the story.  



Read Aloud: Share the book, ‘The Great Race’. Stop at key parts to discuss what is happening and get children to predict what they think might happen next.


Stop at the part where the animals are arguing and ask:

What do you think the Emperor decided? Do you think a race is fair? Why? Why not? Does it give some animals an advantage over others? Who do you think will win? Why?


Discuss who they think will win the race. Why do they think that animal will win?


Model writing the simple caption about who they think will win the race:

e.g. ‘a rat will win’


Challenge: Children to write who they think will win the race out of all the animals in the story.


Read the story and reveal who won the race. Ask the children: were you surprised the rat won? How did he win? What do you notice about the words in the story? Encourage children to recognise the rhythm and rhyme in story.

Do you think it was fair how the story ended?


Focus on vocabulary development – pull out words children may be unsure of – swayed, emperor, wise.


Start writing all of the animals in the middle of the board and say to the children that this is a bit of a mess. What could we do? – We could make a list.


Let the children recall what the key features of a list are and write some of the other animals in the race that children can remember – what sounds can they hear?


Challenge: Children to write a list of all the animals in the story using key features of lists.


Talk about what happened first, then and finally – model putting the pictures in the right order.


First the animals argue

Then the animals race

Finally the rat wins


Model writing what happens first, then and finally.


Challenge: Children to order the story saying what happens first, then and finally using some story language.  


Refer to the graphic organiser from yesterday. Discuss what happens first, then and finally. Focus on what happens first in the story referring the animals arguing.


Do you think it was fair to have a race? Why/why not? Were some animals at an advantage against the others? Do you agree/disagree with your peers?


What else could they have done? Do you think a different animal would have won the race? How else could they have decided on the animal the year should be named after? Discuss and share ideas – adult to scribe children’s new ideas.


Challenge: When else could we make a list? Use some of the provision activities to write a list. E.g. list of the animals? A shopping list? A list of what is in the bag?

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