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The Great Race


Learning Intention:

To write a simple caption

Key words:

Race, dog, pig, ox, rat



Have some story sequencing pictures for children to order. Model putting the pictures in order with the children’s help. What happens next? What happens after that? Encourage children to use some of the key language from the story.


Model writing ‘rat wins and ox next’.


Challenge: Children to complete Monday’s worksheet writing a simple caption rat wins and ox next.



Refer back to the part of the story where the animals are having a ‘to do’. What is a ‘to do’. Explain that the animals are arguing. What are they arguing about?


Children to share ideas about what the animals could be saying to each other. Model some ideas e.g. is should be me, I am big and strong, but I can run fast.


Think of the animals and show children a picture of all the animals from the story. What do you think they would be saying?


Choose one and model writing a simple caption in a speech bubble.


Challenge: Children to write a speech bubble for what the animals might be saying.



Explain to the children that we are going to innovate the story and change one aspect.


Thinking back to Friday how else could they have decided who’s year it was – share and recap children’s ideas and explore new ones.


Allow children to discuss their ideas and share these ideas with peers. Model writing the new idea.


Challenge: Write the new way they could solve the problem. Draw a picture of the animals doing this.




Change another aspect – which animal won? Is it a new animal or one of the others from the story?


Challenge children’s thinking: Could it change because of the way you decided what year it was?


Discuss any new animals that could have won this time. Children to share their ideas with peers. Make a spider diagram with children’s ideas.


Choose one and model writing ‘a ____ wins’.


Challenge: Children to write a caption for the new animal that wins. Could it be a new animal?




Share children’s new story of ‘The Great Race’ celebrating children’s work and praising the use of finger spaces, capital letters etc.

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