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This week we will be reading our new focus text:  ‘The Three Little Pigs’.


Learning Intention:

To write a label

Key words:

  • First
  • Then
  • Finally
  • Wolf
  • Pig
  • Little
  • Sticks
  • Bricks
  • Straw 


Have some sticks, straw and bricks in a box on the carpet. I wonder where these have come from? Discuss what the materials are – can the children name any of them? Let children have a feel of the different materials.


Does anyone know what story we could be doing over the next couple of weeks? Why do you think that? What do children remember about the story? Which was the best material?


Model writing a label for the materials; sticks, straw and bricks.

Show the children some pictures – what material is this? What sounds can you hear? Model labelling each picture.


Read Aloud: Share the book, ‘The Three Little Pigs’. Stop at key parts to discuss what is happening and get children to predict what they think might happen next.


Which material do you think is best to build a house? Why? Do you think it would be hard to make a house using this material? Who has the best house? What other materials could they use? How do you think the pigs felt? Why do you think the wolf blew down the pigs houses? How were the pigs being clever? What were they doing to trick the wolf?



After reading the story talk about who the characters in the story are and get the children to name them. Have pictures of the characters and model writing a label using the success criteria support. 

Model a label for each character.


Reread the text using props, pictures and puppets to support with language development.


Focus on vocabulary development – pull out words children may be unsure of – brave, bold, piglets, heavy, fine, straw, sticks, bricks, creeping, barrel, bowled, chimney.



Model language through voice: growled, squeaked, roared


Who are the characters in the story?



What are the characters in the story like? How might we describe the wolf? How could we describe the pigs? Discuss children’s ideas and model some vocabulary to describe the characters. E.g. the wolf is big, bad, scary, mean etc. The pigs are little, pink, clever, bold, brave etc.


Have a picture of the wolf and the pigs in the middle. Complete a spider diagram to describe the characters.

Choose one key word for each and model writing a new label for the characters using the children’s ideas.


E.g. pink pigs, mean wolf etc.    



Talk about what happened first, then and finally – model putting the pictures in the right order on the graphic organiser.


First the pigs left

Then the wolf huffs and puffs

Finally the wolf went splash


Act out and say what happened first, then and finally. Model writing a caption for what happens first, then and finally.

Activities to Support Learning:


  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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