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This week we will be reading our new focus text:  ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’.

Learning Intention:

To write a simple caption

Key words:

  • First
  • Then
  • Finally
  • Goats
  • Troll
  • Trotted
  • Wicked
  • Pastures new



Adult notices some footprints in the corridor and sparks excitement for the children. What could it be? Encourage children to use full sentences: I think it could be a… Follow the footprints to a bridge outside. Children to find a note that says ‘you must write to ask to cross my bridge from angry troll’.


Model writing simple caption: Can I cross the bridge? From _____



Read Aloud: Share the book, ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. Stop at key parts to discuss what is happening and get children to predict what they think might happen next.


Use think aloud’s to support children’s understanding and comprehension of the story. Stop at key parts asking key questions throughout encouraging children to join in with repetitive refrains. Use MTYT to do the trolls voice from the story modelling how the troll might speak.


Get children to use full sentences to predict what they think will happen in the story.



Reread the text (or part of)


Focus on vocabulary development: Pick some key words out of the text to focus on and talk about the words meaning.

  • Wicked
  • Pastures new
  • Trotted
  • Gnashed
  • Monstrous growl
  • Deafening raw


Inference questions about how they feel/how they would feel etc.



Who are the characters in the story?



What are the characters in the story like? How might we describe the troll? How could we describe the billy goats? Discuss children’s ideas and model some vocabulary to describe the characters. E.g. the troll is angry, mean, scary, fierce. The goats are clever, brave etc.  


Have a picture of the troll and the billy goats in the middle. Complete a spider diagram to describe the characters.

Choose one key word for each and model writing a caption for the characters.


‘The troll is angry’



Discuss what happens first, then and finally – model putting the pictures in the right order on the graphic organiser. Children to think of some actions to go with the three key parts of the story to support story retelling.  


First the goats cross the bridge

Then the troll pops up

Finally the troll went splash

Additional Resources and Provision Activities




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