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This week we will continue our story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We will read the story and read simple captions containing red words. Children will explore the story further and innovate it changing different aspects.  


Learning Intention:

To read and understand simple captions containing red words.



Giant, poor, magic, giantess, first, then, finally



Refer to the graphic organiser from Friday. Discuss what happens first, then and finally. Children to read the simple captions and match them to the correct picture as a class.


Support children in recognising red words.


Hot seat the characters from the story. Teacher to model being hot seated then children to have a go. Think of what questions we might ask as a group and support a range of questions from children.


  • Why did you climb the beanstalk?
  • Why did you steal from the giant?

How do you think the giant felt?


Using the story map from yesterday – explain to the children you are going to change an aspect of the story – the characters.


Who could Jack find at the top of the beanstalk instead?


Talk partners to discuss what the new characters could be.

Using post-it’s change the characters following children’s suggestions.  


LSA to scribe children’s ideas and support their discussions


Explain to the chn that we are going to change another part of the story. This time we are going to change what Jack took from the new character in the story.  


Model writing the new version of the story with the children using the new characters and the new ending. What will happen first, then and finally in the new version of the story?


Share children’s new story of ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’ at home time celebrating children’s work and praising the use of finger spaces, capital letters etc.

Guided Group Activity 

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