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This week we will continue reading our class text called ‘There’s no dragon in this story’. Children will be reading simple captions and matching them to the correct picture showing understanding of what they have read.



Learning Intention:

To read and understand simple sentences.  















Refer to the graphic organiser from Friday. Discuss what happens first, then and finally. Children to read the simple captions and match them to the correct picture as a class.


Support children in recognising red words.


In learning circles – give children pictures of the characters and simple captions to match with each picture.


In learning circles children to retell the story choosing a different character to be. Re-enact the story going through it as a class and encouraging children to join in with repetitive refrains and key story language.


Discuss how the dragon feels at different parts of the story.


Complete the scroll on the wall filling in the dragon’s body with all of the different emotions he might feel throughout the story. Talk about how his emotions change throughout the story and what influences this. Use the story to support children in exploring emotions.


What does it mean to be scared? Brave? When is he brave? How does he overcome it? He then feels determined, confident etc.


Children to think about the ending of the story. Was that really the end?...


What could happen after the dragon went with the three billy goats? Discuss what might happen. What could the troll under the bridge do?


Talk partners to discuss and share ideas as a class.

Draw pictures for the story after the dragon went with the billy goats.


Support children in thinking of what happens first, then and finally.


Act out the next part of the story after the dragon went with the three billy goats gruff.


Use the pictures to support children in talking about what happens first, then and finally.


At tables -

  • Can children draw pictures for what happens first then and finally and use their language to describe?

Use these pictures for group work next week and graphic organiser.

Guided Group Activity 

Provision Activities:



  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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