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This week we will continue with our story ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’. We explore innovating the story and writing the new version together.  



Learning Intention:

To write sentences that can be read by themselves and others.  











Refer back to the graphic organiser from Friday. Model writing then and finally by orally rehearsing the sentence.


Then it would not stop.

Finally Rose said that is the lot.

Model concepts about print  

LA: Emphasise direction of text (L –R) and top to bottom MA/HA: Distinguishing between: Phase 2 capital letters/ lower case; & words/letters 


Tell children that we are changing the story so instead of making porridge from the magic pot it will make something else.


Ask children for ideas. What could the magic porridge pot make instead? Children to use talk partners to discuss their ideas. Feedback children’s ideas and choose one – guide children’s ideas to choose chicken.


Orally rehearse the sentence together using MTYT.


Cook, cook little pot,

Make me chicken


Teacher to model writing the new part of the story with children’s support. Continue to refer back to the success criteria reminding children to sound it out using Fred fingers. Ask children how many sounds are there in the word. Use RWI strategies where children hide their fingers behind their back showing you how many sounds. Model writing the word.


Extend the children by getting them to think about what the chicken could be like, is it crispy, juicy, hot, yummy etc.


Sweep the class getting children to say their idea for what the chicken is like to eat.


yummy and hot.


Tell the children that we are going to change another part of the story. This time we are going to change the characters in the story. Instead of Rose and her mother who could live in the cottage?


Share ideas and choose the new character for the story.


Talk about what happens first, then and finally in the new story. Support children’s retelling and draw pictures to support.


Create a story map as a class.  


Recap the story from yesterday using the story map created. Begin writing the new version of the story writing what happens first.


First (new characters) live in the cottage. Then (new character) gets a magic ___ pot.


Model concepts about print  

LA: Emphasise direction of text  (L –R) and top to bottom MA/HA: Distinguishing between: Phase 2 capital letters/ lower case; & words/


Finish writing the new version of the story created by the children supporting the children by using the story map.


Then (new character) left the pot. It oozed out on to the floor.


Finally (new character) said stop, stop little pot, no more ____ that’s the lot.


Share new story reading it together and celebrating children’s work.

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