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This week we will begin our new class text ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’. We will share the story and explore some of the key vocabulary. Children will write speech bubbles for the characters from the story using red words. We will use the text to think about ways that we can be kind to others like the giant was kind to all of the animals. 


Learning Intention: 

To write red words within a sentence. 












A box gets delivered with some of the items from the story inside. (A belt, some trousers, shoes, socks, a shirt, a tie etc.). Each item of clothing has a post it notes on it saying ‘for the mouse’, ‘a sock for the fox’ etc.  Read the labels on each item of clothing and ask the children who they think all of these clothes could be from? Who might they belong to?  Open the letter from the kindest giant in town and read it as a class.  Model think-aloud’s about how we can be kind. The giant has been kind by giving all of the animals his clothes. The giant shares – how else could we be kind?Discuss different ways we can be kind allowing children to share their ideas and then doing a sweep around the classroom. Use the sentence stem I will… (e.g. I will play with my friends) 



Read Aloud: Share the book, ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’. Stop at key parts to discuss what is happening and get children to predict what they think might happen next. 


Use think aloud’s to support children’s understanding and comprehension of the story. Stop at key parts asking key questions throughout encouraging children to join in with repetitive refrains. Use MTYT to say ‘but look me up and down I’m the smartest giant in town’.  


Talk about the character’s feelings throughout the story and get children to predict what item of clothing George might take off to help the animal.  

Discuss the rhyming in words and support children in selecting the words that rhyme.  

Socks and fox, boat and goat, house and mouse, dog and bog etc. 



Re-read the text (or part of)   

Focus on vocabulary development: 

Pick some key words out of the text to focus on and talk about the words meaning.  



Patched up gown  







Write a speech bubble to match one of the characters in the story – the fox ‘I wish I had a warm dry sleeping bag.’ 



Make a list of the characters in the story of ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’.  Discuss what the giraffe said in the story. Model writing ‘I wish I had a long warm scarf.’ Challenge the children to write their own speech bubble for another animal in the story. Who might they choose? What is wrong and how does the giant help them?



Discuss what happens first, then and finally – model putting the pictures in the right order on the graphic organiser. Children to think of some actions to go with the three key parts of the story to support story retelling.    


First the giant went to the shop for smart clothes. 

Then the giant helps the animals. 

Finally the animals write a letter to say thank you.   


Model writing what happens first, then and finally.   


Model concepts about print   

LA: Emphasise direction of text (L –R) and top to bottom MA/HA: Distinguishing between: Phase 2 capital letters/ lower case; & words/letters   

Provision Activities 

Guided Group 



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