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This week we will continue with our story ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’. We explore innovating the story and writing the new version together.  


Learning Intention:

To demonstrate an understanding when talking to others about what they have read.


Success Criteria:

Sound it out, red words, segment and blend, say the sentence, answer questions.











Have the letter from the animals on the board. Read it together as a group but explain to the children that some words are missing. Children need to help you find the missing words.


Give the children all of the missing words in their learning circles and give them time to read them. Children to hold up the correct word that fits in the gap.


Complete this with the children for each one getting them to read their own words and find the correct one by segmenting the sounds in the word and blending them together. Can children recognise special friends? Do they recognise red words? We can’t sound them out.


Have the 3 pictures from the story for what happens first then and finally. We need to match the captions with the correct picture.


Give children the captions for what happens first then and finally in their learning circles. Children to match them and then support teacher matching.  


Tell the children that we are going to be innovating the story. What other animal might he meet? What item of clothing might they need from the giant? Could it be a vest? Or some sun glasses? A coat? A skirt? A hat etc.


Discuss ideas and scribe some ideas from the children on the board.

Come up with a new idea for the story and orally rehearse this sentence with the children.


Adults to support ensure children are orally rehearsing/ counting words on fingers etc.  


Teacher to write the new version of the story modelling writing on the board with children’s support.


Model concepts about print  

LA: Emphasise direction of text (L –R) and top to bottom MA/HA: Distinguishing between: Phase 2 capital letters/ lower case; & words/letters 

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