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This week we will continue with our final story of this year which is a fun story that we know children will love called ‘Aliens Love Underpants’.   


Learning Intention:

To use phonic knowledge to decode regular words and read them aloud accurately.


Success Criteria:

Sound it out, blend to read the word, 1 at a time









Monday and Tuesday - Meet the new Teacher Morning



Wednesday -

Refer back to the graphic organiser from Friday discussing what happens first, then and finally. Orally rehearse the graphic organiser with children.


Look at some pants on the washing line and give children a simple caption to read that they need to match to the correct underpants.   


Talk about where aliens come from referring back to the story where it says ‘there are no underpants in space’.



Thursday -

What is space?

Discuss what children already know and share children’s knowledge writing prior knowledge.


Watch the video about space and stop at key parts to discuss the solar system and all of the different planets etc.



Friday -

Ask children to recall facts about space using pictures to support. Label the planets and use the video to support children if needed.

Adults to support ensure children are orally rehearsing/ counting words on fingers etc.  

Finish writing the new version of the story created by the children supporting the children by using the story map.


Then (new character) left the pot. It oozed out on to the floor.


Finally (new character) said stop, stop little pot, no more ____ that’s the lot.


Share new story reading it together and celebrating children’s work.



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