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This week we will be learning all about the number 6! We will be finding one more or less and finding different ways to make the number 6. 


Learning Intention: 

 - Recognises numerals 1 to 6. 

  - To say one more or less. 

Key words: 

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,​ 6 

same, more, fewer  




This week we are learning all about the number 6! Watch number blocks 6 – 

 Introduce poem of how we write the number 6. Model air writing the number 6. Draw number block 6 and write everything we know – one more, one less, 0+6=6, 1+5=6 etc. 


Challenge: Draw a picture of the numberblock 6. Can you write the number 6 using the number poem? 




Miss Gray/Stringer have some number cards. Pick a number ie: 3 – model counting out 3 blocks. What is one more? One less? Chn given the numbers 1 – 6 on cards and loose parts. Ask them to show you fewer, the same or more than the number they choose.  


Challenge: Upload a photo of you matching the correct numeral to the quantity. What is one more than 6? One less than 6? 





Children use a dice to take it in turns to roll. Can they match the number they have rolled to the numeral cards? Ask the children to compare the number they have rolled to their grown up. Who has rolled more/fewer? How do you know? Are there the same, more or fewer dots? 


Challenge: Upload photo’s of you and your grown up rolling the dice and matching the correct numeral. Who rolled more/less? 




How many legs does a ladybird have? Model counting together 6. How many spots do they have? Do you know any other creatures with 6 legs? Use counters to add 6 spots to the other ladybirds. Can you find more than one way to do it? 3+3=6 2+4=6 1+5=6 0+6=6 etc. 


Challenge: Can you draw a picture of any other  minibeasts who have six legs? Can you draw some ladybirds with different spots that make 6? 





Introduce what a tens frame is and how we use them. Now we have learnt our numbers 5 we can begin to count to 10. Model counting out different amounts to 6 on the tens frame. Can chn use counters/pennies to show 6 on their tens frame? What would be one more? One less? Challenge problem solver: If Miss Gray/Stringer had 2 friends with them and they had 6 sweets, how many sweets should all 3 get so it is fair? 


Challenge: Upload a photo of you counting out 6 items onto your tens frame. Can you answer the challenge question? 

Extra Learning:


For any extra resources please see below.



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