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This week we will be learning all about the number 8! We will be finding one more or less and finding different ways to make the number 8. We will also be learning about taking away meaning the number gets smaller. 




Learning Intention: 

 - To recognise numerals 1 to 8. 

  - To use the vocabulary involved in subtracting. 

Key words: 

-0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,​ 6, 7, 8 






This week we are learning all about the number 8! Watch number blocks 8 – 


 Introduce poem of how we write the number 8. Model air writing the number 8. Draw number block 8 and write everything we know – one more, one less, 0+8=8 1+7=8 2+6=8 3+5=8 4+4=8 talk about takeaway 9-1=8 10-2=8 8-0=8 etc. 


Challenge: Draw a picture of the numberblock 8. Can you write the number 8 using the number poem? 




Today we are going to talk about take away. When we take away something the number gets smaller. Model having 10 cars. If Miss Gray takes 2 away to give to Miss Stringer how many are left? Model counting how many are left. 10-2=8. Model number sentence. If Miss Gray had 9 teddies and Miss Stringer took 1 away how many would be left? Model TOL, I don’t need to count because I know one less than 9 is 8. Model writing 9-1=8. 


Challenge: Can you show you taking away using loose parts? How many are left? Can you write the number sentence? 




Using the dinosaur powerpoint children are to help solve the different questions. Model TOL for the first question and how we find the answer. Ask children to work out the next ones and use thumbs up/down to see if children agree with the answers. 


Challenge: Upload photos of you showing your working out for the different questions. Can you make your own dinosaur take away question? 



Provide loose parts in learning circles and some ten frames. Ask the children to count 8 items onto the 10 frames. How many do they have? Can they see without counting? What is one more? One less? If you have 8 and take away 2 how many would you have left? 


Challenge: Upload a photo of you counting out 8 items onto your tens frame. Can you answer the challenge question? 



In learning circles give children 8 loose parts to make take away number sentences. How many different sentences can they make? Can they write one of the number sentences? Share with the class. Are they right? 


Challenge: Upload a photo of you using loose parts to make different number sentences for the number 8. 

Extra Learning:


For extra math's resources linked to our learning this week please see below.



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