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This week we will be recapping our learning of the numbers 1-8! We will also be combining two groups to find out how many there are altogether. 




Learning Intention: 

  - To recognise numerals 1 to 8. 

  - To find the total number of items in two groups. 


Key words: 







This week we are recapping our learning all about the numbers 1-8! Watch the number blocks video– 


Re-introduce the poems of how we write the numbers 1-8. Model air writing the numbers. Draw the number blocks and discuss everything we know – one more, one less etc. 




Today we are going to talk about combining two groups of objects to find the total. When we add something the number gets bigger. Model having 3 corks and 4 pebbles. If Miss Gray adds them together how many are there in total? Model counting how many 3+4=7. Model writing the number sentence. If Miss Gray 5 yellow lego bricks and 3 blue how many are there altogether? 5+3=8. 




Use the witch powerpoint to talk about and model combining two groups. Use TOL to model the first and then ask chn to answer the next questions. Peer assess using thumbs up/down. 




Provide loose parts in learning circles - shells corks etc. Ask the children to count how many items in one group and the other, now how many do they have altogether? Give learning circles different amounts of loose parts, can they find the total now? 




In learning circles give children the lego problem cards and a whiteboard and pen. Can they count how many lego pieces there are altogether? Can they write the number sentence? 


Extra learning activities:


  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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