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This week we will be learning our numbers 1-10! We will also be ordering items by length and height. 



Learning Intention: 

  - To recognise numerals 1 to 10. 

  - To order items by length and height. 


Key words: 






- shortest



This week we are meeting number block 10! Watch the number blocks video– 


Re-cap the poems of how we write the numbers 1-9 and introduce 10. Model air writing the numbers. Draw the number block 10 and discuss everything we know – one more, one less etc. 



Today we are going to talk about ordering items by height. When we talk about height we use the language of tall and short. When we order items we say which is the tallest and which is the shortest. Model Miss Gray and a child standing next to each other. Who is the tallest? Model ‘’Miss Gray is the tallest.’’ Height means far away from the ground something is. If there was a giraffe and a horse which would be the tallest? A mouse and an elephant etc. 



Using animals can chn order them from tallest to shortest? Ask two chn to stand up, who is the tallest/shortest? Now ask a third, can they order form tallest to shortest? Try doing the same with different chn modelling the language tallest and shortest. Using the easter bunny sheet can chn decide which is the tallest/shortest? 




Today we are going to talk about ordering items by length. When we talk about length we use the language of long and short. When we order items we say which is the longest and which is the shortest. Model Miss Gray is stood up, I am tall, then lay down. Now I am long. Ask a child to lay next to you. Model ‘’Miss Gray is the longest.’’ Length means how long an object is from end to end. If there was a snake and a bird which would be the longest? Using animals model  longest and shortest. 



Using cubes model making a long cube, then short. Can chn say which is longest/shortest? Add a third can they now order them from longest to shortest? Using the snake sheet can chn decide which is the longest? 


Extra learning:


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