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This week we will be recapping our numbers 1-20! We will also be adding two groups together to find the total. 



Learning Intention: 

-To begin to count beyond 10.  

-To add two single-digit numbers. 




-how many 





This week we are recapping our learning all about the numbers 1-20! We will also be adding these numbers together to find the total. Watch the number blocks video: 



Today we are going to talk about combining two groups of objects to find the total. When we add something the number gets bigger. Model having 13 corks and 4 pebbles. If Miss Gray adds them together how many are there in total? Model counting how many 13+4=17. Model writing the number sentence. If Miss Gray has 15 yellow lego bricks and 3 blue how many are there altogether? 15+3=8. 



Use the Jack in the beanstalk sheet to model counting out the totals of the objects. Use TOL for the first and work together to find the next totals. 



Provide chn with whiteboards and pens. Today we are going to give you some numbers to add together. Can you write the number sentence and find the answer? Model the first 15+5=20. Model TOL and use of success criteria. Provide chn with different questions, Teacher and LSA to check chn’s boards assessment opportunity. 


Extra Learning:



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