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This week we will be recapping our numbers 1-20! We will also be taking away to find how many are left.




Learning Intention:

  - To use the vocabulary involved in subtracting.

  - To subtract two single-digit numbers



-how many


-take away



Today we are going to talk about take away. When we take away something the number gets smaller. Model having 10 pebbles. If Miss Gray takes 2 away to give to Miss Stringer how many are left? Model counting how many are left. 10-2=8. Model number sentence. If Miss Gray had 19 teddies and Miss Stringer took 1 away how many would be left? Model TOL, I don’t need to count because I know one less than 19 is 18. Model writing 19-1=18. Model when we take away we count bac wards down the number line.



Using the directed rocket and astronauts can chn say how many are left when some land on the moon? There were 15 and 5 land on the moon, how many are left on the rocket? 15-5=10. Model writing the different number sentences.



Using the gingerbread man subtraction sheet model how to count backwards to find the correct answer. Work together to work out the rest of the answers.


Provide chn with subtraction cards in learning circles. Can they work together to find the answers? Share learning with class.


Provide chn with whiteboards and pens. Today we are going to give you some numbers to take away. Can you write the number sentence and find the answer? Model the first 15-5=10. Model TOL and use of success criteria. Provide chn with different questions, Teacher and LSA to check chn’s boards assessment opportunity.


Extra Learning:



  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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