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This week we will be learning about doubling and that double means ‘twice as many’. We will be using our knowledge of numbers from 1-20. 




Learning Intention: 

  - To solve problems including doubling. 



-how many 





This week we are learning all about doubles. Watch the numberblocks – double trouble. 


When we double something, it means twice as many. So double 1 is two lots of 1. 1+1=2. When something is doubled it is a pair, so things like socks, gloves all come in pairs. Show using fingers double 1 – 1 on each hand = 2. 2,3,4,5. So double 5 = 10. 



Model to chn using a tens frame to show doubles. Double 1 – 5. Encourage use of language – double 2 equals 4 etc. Provide chn wth tens frames and counters in learning circles. Can they show the correct double? What is the answer? Model sentence double ….. Equals.... 



To help us with our doubles we need to count in 2’s. Count by 2’s with Jack Hartman: 


Using the butterfly sheet model how to work out the answers to the questions. Model double is twice as many, so double 3 equals 6 etc. 



Provide chn with numicon in learning circles. Can they show you double 1? Double 4 etc? Again model using the sentence double 2 = 4 etc. Ask chn to show you different doubles, what is the answer? 



Using the directed lady bird can chn help to find the doubles? Repetition of language and sentence double 4 equals 8 etc. Problem solve - Can I double 0? What would the answer be? Class discussion. 


Extra Learning:





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