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This week we will be learning about grouping and sharing. We will be using our knowledge of numbers from 1-20.




Learning Intention:

To solve problems including sharing and halving.



-how many





This week we are learning all about sharing and grouping. Watch the numberblocks – the lair of shares.



When we share a group of something, it means we are giving two people the same amount of objects. If there is an even number then each group will get the same amount, if the number of objects is odd they will not.



Model to chn using loose parts. Explain that you are going to share them into 2 equal groups so there will be half for you and half for your friend. Put a handful straight onto each plate without counting – make sure that one plate clearly has more than the other. Ask the children if it is fair. Prompt them to show you how to share them fairly. What if I add some more objects? Less objects? What if another friend arrives?



Using the fairy-tale party power point can chn help to share the cupcakes between the characters fairly? Class discussion about each question.




Using the pirate treasure chests and coins from the directed can chn help Miss Gray/Miss Stringer to share the coins between the pirate’s? What if anther pirate came along?



Using the sand castle sheet can chn help Miss Gray/Miss Stringer to half the objects between the two sandcastles?

Extra Learning:




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