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This week we will be recapping taking away two single digit numbers to find how many are left. 



Learning Intention: 

- To subtract two single-digit numbers 




-Take away  


-How many 



This week we are recapping taking away two single digit to find the total.   


When we are taking away we need to remember to not count of all the objects that are left but we need to count down from the biggest number. We keep the biggest number in our heads and count down.  Model using loose parts to keep the biggest number in our heads and count down. 



Today we are going to talk about taking away a number of objects to find how many are left. When we take away something the number gets smaller. Remember we always keep the biggest number in our heads and count down. We can use a number line for this to help us.  


Model having 6 corks and taking away 4. If Miss Gray adds takes them away from each other how many are left? Model ‘I keep the biggest number in my head which is 6.’ Begin counting down from 6, 6,5,4,3,2.  Model using the number line to count down from 6. The answer is 2! Model writing the number sentence. If Miss Gray has 8 corks and takes away 5 how many are left? Continue to model different examples. 



Using the take away powerpoint can chn help to find how many are left? What skills do we need to remember? Refer back to success criteria. 


The number line is to help us count down so we don’t we forget the number. Model using the number line for examples with the class. Provide chn with number lines in small groups and some pictorial sums, can they work out the answer? 


Provide chn with number lines in learning circles, Give each group a word problem. Can they work out the answer> I.e.: There are 5 chn in the park and 2  go home, how many are left? Remind about having the biggest number in their heads and counting down using the number line for support. 


Extra Learning:




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