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This week we will be learning about odd and even numbers and how to identify which is which. 




Learning Intention: 

- To identify odd and even numbers. 









This week we will be learning about odd and even numbers and how to identify which is which. 

Watch video about odd and even numbers: 


Even numbers end in 0,2,4,6,8 

Odd numbers end in 1,3,5,7,9 


Even numbers can be shared equally, odd numbers can not. What are the rules or SC for odd and even numbers? 



Using the Oshman Odd and Eshal Even buckets model TOL for sorting the numbers into odd and even. What rules do we need to remember? Refer back to SC and class discussion throughout. 



Using the buses activity, model counting the number of passengers on one of the buses...TOL is it odd or even? Class discussion what do we need to remember from our SC? Continue to sort the buses with the class having discussions about each one. 



Re-Watch video about odd and even numbers: 


Using the ladybird sheet can chn help to decide if the number of spots is odd or even? What if the ladybird had 13 spots? 24 spots? Would it be odd or even? What rule do we need to remember?  



Using the odd and even Powerpoint can chn discuss and decide if they are odd or even? LSA to scribe discussion.   


Extra Learning:





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