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Events in School (2nd - 6th July)

This week we have Sports days, Summer Concert, a class assembly and Year 6 are having their transition days to Don Valley.


Monday 2nd

Lower Key Stage 2 Sports Day (Year 3 and 4) - Year 3 and 4 kick off the Sports Days this year. They will start at 9.30am. All children in these classes will have been given a colour that they are competing in. Children will either be in the Green, Blue, Red or White team.


Upper Key Stage 2 Sports Day (Year 5 and 6) - Year 5 and 6 follow up and have their sports day from 1.30pm. Children in these classes will have been given a colour that they will be competing in. 


Tuesday 3rd

Key Stage 1 Sports Day (Year 1 and 2) - Year 1 and 2 will be having their sports day on Tuesday. They will be starting their sports day at 1.30pm.


Wednesday 4th

Year 6 Transition to Don Valley - Year 6 children will be having their transition days to Don Valley. Click here for more details


Early Years Foundation Stage Sports Day - Our Early Years children bring our Sports Days to an end. Their morning sports day for morning children starts at 10am, and the afternoon sports day for afternoon children starts at 2pm.


2C Class Assembly - Class 2C will be having their class assembly at 10.15am in the main hall.


Thursday 5th

Year 6 Transition to Don Valley - Year 6 continue their transition to Year 7 with a second day to Don Valley. Click here for more details


Summer Music Concert - The children that have been learning a musical instrument this year will be showing off all that they can do. The summer concert will start at 6pm in the main hall. 


Friday 6th

Open Day - Our Summer Open Day will be happening on Friday at 2.30pm. Children have been preparing and making goods to be sold. 



  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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