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This week (8th October)


To kick off the week we have an achievement assembly in which we will spin the attendance wheel.



Forest School Family Day - Our Number 1 families have a great day planned with their for their children and families. Why not come down to Robin Wood and see what is happening?


Year 5 Swimming - Year 5 will continue their swimming lessons.


E-safety Assembly - All classes will be involved in an E-Safety assembly - including how to stay safe online. 



Year 4 Trip to Doncaster Museum - Year 4 are off the Doncaster Museum as part of their topic. They will be leaving after the register and will be back before home time. All letters have been sent home for this, please ensure that slips have been returned. 



Year 5 Trip to National Space Centre - Year 5 are off to the National Space Centre on Thursday. The children need to be in school for 7.45 as the bus will be leaving as soon as possible.



The whole school will be celebrating reading with a readathon. Each class has been given a time when they are reading, as a group or pairs as well as making an engaging and exciting Reading Area. Remember we want your help.



  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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