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Parent guides and useful websites

On Safer Internet Day 2021, we did a survey with our KS2 children to understand what they do online, which games and apps they use and what they worry about when using the internet. 


We will use this information to plan our half-termly online safety assemblies in school. 


The full analysis can be seen in the document below but the main points are:


  • The majority of children spend 3-4 hours a day online which is more than the recommended average of 2 hours for their age. See below for top tips on reducing screen time for both parents and children. 
  • Most children use the internet for gaming and YouTube. Please see the parent guides below for safety tips for Youtube and common games.
  • Half of our children have seen or experienced nasty comments being made online. They mostly listed this as their main worry online, See the section below for parent and child guides on cyberbullying
  • TikTok and Watsapp are becoming more popular ways for children to communicate. Please see the parent safety guides below with age restriction information. 


If you need any support with your child's internet usage or are worried about their online behaviour and need advice, please get in touch. 

Here is some information for both parents and children on reducing screen time

Please see below for some parent safety guides about the apps and games that our children told us they use the most

Understanding age ratings on games

Safety tips for children with new devices

Useful Websites for Parents

Below are some links to websites containing information to support you keeping your child safe online. 

  • Internet Matters This website contains lots of leaflets with information about keeping safe online. The leaflets are aimed at parents and are produced for different age ranges.

  • Think U Know The Think U Know website contains a lot of information on online safety for both children and parents.



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