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Pastoral Care

"Major strengths which make the school outstanding are...the exceptional quality of pastoral care, guidance and support. Rigorous safeguarding procedures enable pupils to grow in confidence and feel safe." 
Ofsted 2010



Hi, my name is Mrs Day. I am a Learning Mentor in school. Please come and see me if you have any question. Below is a brief outline of what I do in school.


What can pupils expect from me?

· A friendly face

· Honesty

· Confidentiality within our professional boundaries

· Advice and guidance

· Regular Support

· Achievable targets monitored and evaluated

· Feedback

· Recognition for achievements

· Referrals to other agencies  will be made as and when required



I Work With Pupils Who :

· Could benefit from a range of strategies to enable them to fully access the curriculum

· Have a variety of behaviour problems

· Have low self-esteem

· Need support to develop their social skills

· Have communication problems — at home or at school

· Fallen behind with their work

· Need support with organisational skills e.g. time keeping and attendance

· Suffered from loss, separation and bereavement



A 6 week programme


  • Develop observational skills
  • Develop listening skills
  • Work on social/interaction skills



Bereavement programme - 12 weeks

Support for coping with grief from loss as a result of divorce, separation and death.


Roots of Empathy

Whole class from September 2017 - July 2018 with Class 3D)

A project to build children's empathy for one another.



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