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Physical Education


At Bentley High Street we believe the subject of Physical Education aims to provide numerous opportunities for every pupil to develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence necessary to lead a physically active lifestyle. We believe that a high-quality Physical Education programme in school promotes an active lifestyle and improved health and motor skill development which will have a long last impact on pupils lives way beyond their time spent at school and into adulthood. There is research to suggest that being developing an active healthy lifestyle improves cognitive performance which has a direct impact on their academic attainment for pupils across many subjects taught at school.


At Bentley High Street we feel by helping our children to develop an healthy active lifestyle through good quality physical lessons we are helping the pupils to develop important life skills such as developing essential team work skills, target setting and working towards future goals and ambitions. High quality lessons will help to raise pupil’s self-esteem and will encourage our pupils to be dedicated and resilient individuals. Improving our pupil’s confidence and motivation which should have an impact on the progress the children make across the curriculum.







P.E is taught in week blocks across the year, this allows for children to achieve greater depth and understanding in their learning. We use the Rawmarsh Scheme of Work that was designed by a group of expert physical education specialists from South Yorkshire.


During the course of an academic year the pupils should be completing the following units of work from the Rawmarsh Scheme of work. This may have to be adapted due to the impact of the Covid19 virus.

Curriculum Implementation        Subject Content and Organisation Across School


 Multi Skills   Dance   Gymnastics   Games   Athletics

Year 1

Gymnastics   Multi Skills    Invasion Games   Strikefield Games   Athletics

Year 2

Gymnastics   Multi Skills    Invasion Games   Strikefield Games   Athletics

Year 3

Gymnastics    Dance   Invasion Games    Strikefield Games   Athletics

Year 4

Gymnastics    Dance   Invasion Games    Strikefield Games   Athletics

Year 5

Swimming        Gymnastics        Swimming   Invasion Games    Strikefield Games   Athletics

Year 6

Indoor Athletics   Gymnastics    Dance   Invasion Games    Strikefield Games   Athletics






Curriculum Impact 2019-2020


Strengths of the subject:

Over the previous 3 years the school has achieved school games gold standard. This is the highest standard possible for the school to achieve and only a handful of schools achieved this mark in Doncaster during 2018/19. Unfortunately, due to Covid19 the 2019/2020 school games mark was cancelled.

High quality physical education lessons

CPD provided for staff on a regular basis and when requested working alongside specialist coaches or attending high quality training courses.

A Large range of after school sports clubs in a range of sports across the key stages.

Pupils are provided with opportunities to Develop their own leadership skills during lessons and in playground leaders. This involves annual training for pupils in Y5.

A large number of pupils have the opportunity to represent the school in sports festivals (both inter and intra school events).

We Celebrate the success of our school teams who are very successful in local and regional sports competitions





Physical Education Scheme of Work

At Bentley High Street we use the Rawmarsh Scheme of Work which was designed by a group of expert physical education specialists from South Yorkshire that included Lynn Taylor who worked for Doncaster DMBC at the time of writing the scheme of work alongside a local sports college.


Any questions on the physical education scheme of work that we use in school please see class teachers who will have copies of the scheme for their year group or the schools PE Subject Coordinator, Gary Brown.


Remote Learning 

We have included below some PE documents that you may want to use to help deliver fun and exciting PE activities with your child that have been created by some of the local companies from Doncaster that we work with.  I would also check out Active Fusions PE Sessions on YouTube on the following link.


Remote Learning PE Lessons from Active Fusion Doncaster


Active Fusion PE Parent Resource Pack



Swimming (2019 - 2020)


We are really proud of our children who make progress in swimming, and they always look forward to this new aspect of PE. Last year we saw children who were initially afraid of the water grow in confidence as they built up their comfort levels in the pool. Our recorded results from last year for the cohort are:


Those who could swim confidently and confidently over 25m - 60%

Children who could use a range of strokes effectively - 67%

Percentage who could perform safe self-rescue in different scenarios - 41%



Subject On A Page

PE Parental Leaflet

Scheme of work photos

PE Photos

For further information regarding our PE curriculum, please contact our PE leads Mr Brown or Mr Fawcett.


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