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In Nursery there are two parts to our phonics teaching.


Letters and Sounds Phase 1 - focusing on listening skills and tuning into sounds.                                                                                                     


Read Write Inc. - building the foundations for the children to begin using letters for reading and writing.




Phase 1 phonics is intended to develop children's listening, vocabulary and 
 speaking skills.


We do lots of work on sound discrimination and the awareness of sounds around us. 


Sounds in the environment. 


 Music - instruments, body percussion, songs and rhymes.


Beginning to distinguish the different sounds in words.




Read Write Inc                                                     

Autumn Term

Developing language skills and vocabulary.

Lots of opportunities for talk, role play, building sentences orally.

Reading, singing, playing with sounds.


Spring Term                                                              

Focus on naming a picture for each sound.    

Bouncy and stretchy sounds.

Fred games - sounding out words for example, c-a-t.


Summer Term

Recap the names of the pictures.

Learn the letter sounds without pictures.

Fred games.                                                      





Click here for the pictures and letters we use for RWI.


Click here for more information about phonics in school.



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