Promoting Equality and Diversity

Diversity in our Music Curriculum

Throughout school, children study a variety of different traditional songs and music that represents many parts of our world and many cultures. Children build up cultural capital throughout their music education by learning about music for different religious and cultural festivals as well as the origins of different genres of music around the world.

Diversity in our Art and DT Curriculum

Whilst building and progressing their skills in Art and Design Technology, pupils learn about a diverse range of artists and designers throughout the world. These artists and designers have been carefully selected to represent different genders, religions, cultures and socio-economic groups as well as learning about the greatest artists in History that have shaped art as we know it today. 

In DT, when learning skills related to food and nutrition, children learn to prepare a range of traditional and modern dishes from different cultures and countries. 

Diversity in our History Curriculum

The great people who have influenced our History are studied in depth throughout school with regards to cultural diversity. For example, when Year 5 study Space, as well as studying Tim Peake, they will also learn about Arnaldo Tamayo Méndez, who was the first black person in space. When Year 2 study Christopher Colombus, they will learn to understand his negative impact on native tribes in America when he explored and how different cultures can impact upon each other.

A theme of the plight of racism and slavery develops throughout our History curriculum from Christopher Colombus, to Roman slavery, ending in Year 6 with the enslavement in concentration camps during World War 2. 

Diversity in our SMSC Curriculum