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Reconnecting Curriculum

To start our Autumn Term all learning will be linked to this text across school.


English and maths will revisit the previous year to make sure children are able to consolidate key concepts whilst allowing for progress. It would be great if you could also look at some of this at home.


Children will do a piece of artwork and English linked to this text and do a virtual celebration event for their families.


Children will be reflecting on their lockdown experience, getting to know their new staff and re-connecting with friends, whilst being allowed to engage in meaningful play and reconnect in a safe environment.


Children will be recapping on the school learning characters and develop greater understanding in the importance of metacognition and self-regulation 


From our intelligence during lockdown, children have been identified for personalised transition, mentoring and/or tuition. Intervention programmes have been planned and children have been identified to start these promptly

In depth CPD has supported the curriculum development

The school has based the recovery curriuclum design on key ideas from research and leads in education. Please click below to view some of the most influential pieces.


  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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Latest News

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