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Hi year five! It's the last time we can say that! All the resources that you will need for the different lessons here. Let us know how you get on by sending photographs of your amazing learning to the school Facebook site.


White Rose Maths 

Extended Write

This week we have selected an image which focuses on a character - you may recognise them! Look closely and begin with the warm-up activities to help you plan some thoughts and sentences which you may be able to use in your main piece. 


This week we are going to have a focus on a well-known person who has had difficult times in their life, as well as fantastic successes. You are going to look at an example biography and identify the main features and understand why these are used, before researching our chosen person and writing a biography all about them.


For the final week we are having an art focus and each year group is studying a style from a different culture or country. For Year 5 we have chosen Tinga-Tinga. Don't worry if you haven't heard about it! Each day there will be a PowerPoint presentation online, so join in when you can, however if you can't then on the Weekly Letter we have detailed the main task so you don't miss out.

Were the Anglo-Saxons really smashing?

If we were in the classroom you'd be looking at brilliant displays on the Anglo-Saxons. Just because we're all at home though doesn't mean our learning will come to a halt. Below you will find a link for some videos on the Anglo-Saxons to get you started...



Below is a bumper selection of maths activities for you to work your way through. There are also the answers uploaded so don't be tempted to peek until after you've had a serious think. There are also some suggestions on practical activities on how to stay busy too. 



  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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